aseptic tomato paste

There are many people who equate aseptic tomato paste with bulk tomato paste. If aseptic tomato paste is different from the bulk type. The bulk-paste is poured into homemade white barrels and then delivered to customers. In the process of producing this type of paste, no innovation is made in the production of tomato paste, and tomato extract is placed in white or blue barrels quite normally. While for the production of aseptic tomato paste, three specialized steps are used to maximize the quality of the paste. Note that bulk tomato paste can not be consumed after a relatively long time; Because no suitable solution has been considered to increase its expiration time. Join us to provide complete information about aseptic tomato paste.

What is aseptic tomato paste

Aseptic tomato paste is poured into a thick plastic wrap and placed in a blue barrel. Before placing the tomato paste in the blue plastic barrels, they go through three stages of the aseptic process. These three stages of the aseptic process include thermal sterilization, packaging sterilization, and maintenance of sterilization. The most important reason for performing these three processes is to prevent aseptic tomato paste from spoiling during transportation and use.

Aseptic tomato paste can be included in other packages; But typically, this type of tomato paste is packaged in plastic blue barrels.

Tomato paste cans are not suitable for export worldwide. Therefore, other methods should be used to send tomato paste abroad. The purpose of producing tomato paste is to increase the quality of export tomato paste. You do not need to lower the ambient temperature or store plastic barrels in large industrial refrigerators to store them; Because aseptic tomato paste is not sensitive to temperature and can maintain its originality and quality even at high temperatures.

Specifications of aseptic tomato paste at a glance

Tomato paste is pure and there are no additives in it.

Tomato paste is prepared without salt.

Tomato paste is processed without the use of preservatives.

The tomato paste is placed in a complete plastic wrap and then placed in aseptic barrels.

The texture of aseptic tomato paste is thick and no liquid is found in it.

The barrel for this type of paste is 36 to 38 bricks.

Aseptic tomato paste is suitable for export abroad.

Barrels of this type of tomato paste is completely natural.

Aseptic tomato paste can be stored out of the refrigerator for a long time.

The quality of aseptic tomato paste does not change under the influence of environmental factors.

Aseptic tomato paste is free of any germs and fungi.

Learning to prepare aseptic tomato paste

The process of making aseptic tomato paste is the same as making regular tomato paste. The difference is that three sterilization steps are performed before transferring them to plastic packaging. Note that the purpose of these steps is to remove all germs, viruses, and parasites. Typically, these steps are performed in completely hygienic places. Laboratory research centers and laboratories do this using a device called an autoclave. This hygienic device causes the heat of water vapor to enter the germ. The sensors next to the autoclave detect the amount of heat and, accordingly, increase and decrease their temperature.

After performing three steps of thermal sterilization of the product, sterilization of the package, and preservation of sterilization during packaging, the aseptic tomato paste is ready and you can use them for export abroad.

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Tomato Paste Wholesale Price

The price of tomato paste depends on factors such as the quality of tomatoes used and the season of production. According to these factors, the unit price of each brix of tomato paste is calculated, now you have to multiply the price of each brix by the desired concentration percentage to get the price of one kilogram of tomato paste with the desired brix.

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